Harwinton Fair

Superintendent of Concessions

Dane A. Deleppo
73 Hayden Road,
Harwinton, CT 06791
Phone: (860) 307-1925
Email Concessions at HarwintonFair.com

Concessionaires must comply with the laws of the State of Connecticut regarding gambling and immoral shows, and must not change their lines of business or sublet any space without the consent of the Superintendent of Concessions.

Concessionaires must pay the full amount of rental before doing business, and have an insurance certificate of liability.

Click on any of the following forms to print and mail to the Superintendent of Concessions:
2017 - Concessions Letter
2017 - Price sheet
2017 - Blank Contract - Food
2017 - Blank Contract - General
2017 - Blank Contract - Non-profit