Ox Teamster’s Challenge

Carl and David Armbruster, Superintendents (860) 940-8527

Saturday, October 5 – Adjacent to the Oxen Ring

Starts after show classes have completed. Open to all teams strong enough to pull a loaded sled. Open to all teamsters – any age, male or female. 2 pairs per teamster.

Teamster must work alone, using mostly voice commands, to guide the team to load an unruly log onto a woodshod sled and then pull the sled through an obstacle course designed to simulate trees, bridges, and mud holes. The event is timed and the judge deducts points for each mistake. This is a show of patience and skill for both teamster and team. Good sportsmanship is expected and makes this event a crowd-pleaser. No nose baskets will be allowed.

The Fair pays 10 places and provides colorful rosette ribbons as well as a trophy for first place team.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
$100.00 $75.00 $50.00 $40.00 $30.00 $25.00 $20.00 $15.00 $10.00 $10.00

Extra money can be earned by spilling a small water bucket with one end of the log during the course.

Please sign up in the morning, or ahead of time, with the announcer:
David Armbruster
355 North Harwinton Ave
Terryville, CT 06786-4104

Stock Garden Tractor Pull

Sunday, registration on time 8 am, pull begins at 10 am. Call (860) 601-0098 for more information.

Held in the tractor pull area at the south end of the fairgrounds.


Class 1. Stock. Kids 6-10 years old. up to 12HP with 23/10.5/12 or smaller tires.
Class 2. Stock. Kids 11-14 years old. up to 12HP with 23/10.5/12 or smaller tires.
Class 3. Stock. Kids 6-14 years old. up to 14-20HP with 26/12/12 or smaller tires.
Class 3G. Gravely-Kids 6-14 years old and up with 26/12/12 or smaller tires.
Class 4. Stock. Adult. 15 years and older. up to 11HP with 23/10.5/12 or smaller tires.
Class 5. Stock. Adult. 15 years and older. 12-16HP with 23/10.5/12 or smaller tires.
Class 6. Stock. Adult. 15 years and older. 17-20HP with 26/12/12 or smaller tires.
Class 6G. Gravely-Adult. 15 years or older with 26/12/12 or smaller tires. Class 7. Stock Big Wheels. Kids 6-14 years old. up to 20HP 16-24 inch tires. No tires larger than 8.3×24 or 9.5.
Class 8. Stock Big Wheels. Adult, 15 years and older, up to 20HP 16-24 inch tires. none larger than 8.3×24 or 9.5.
Class 9. Super Stock, Adult, 15 years and older.

General Rules, All Classes

  • A Full pull will be 8 feet. If your 1st pull is less than 2 feet you will have the option to try again. NOTE: some pulls may not allow this.
  • Boundary lines will be 10 feet apart. If tractor or stone boat hits the boundary lines, the driver and tractor will be disqualified.
  • NO JERKING STONE BOAT. You must tighten the chain before pulling.
  • Drivers must remain seated. NO BOUNCING ALLOWED. Drivers must keep one hand on steering wheel at all times while pulling.
  • Only one person per tractor per class. (Adults) Two kids from immediate family per tractor.
  • Kids 6-14 years must be able to safely operate the tractor to the satisfaction of our officials. Kids must also have an adult coach at ALL TIMES. Coaches must remain outside the boundary lines at time of pull.
  • Officials will class and check all the tractors. Their judgment is final.
  • No horseplay or alcoholic beverages allowed. No passengers on tractor.
  • NO cheating:
  • All tractors must have clevis or hole in draw bar large enough to accept hook from stone boat. Hole must be at least 2″ diameter.
  • Class winners will be allowed to move up to next class. They will compete for fun only, not for ribbons.
  • Pulling committee and officials reserve the right to add any additional rules or correct any problems that happen at a pull.

IMPORTANT: THE AGE OF THE PULLER ON MAY 1st will determine the class he/she will pull for the entire season.

NOTE: There are a few tractors with factory stock 15″ rims. These will be classed on an individual basis.

FYI: A 23/10.5/12 tire is 23: tall 10.5″ wide and on a 12″ rim. A 26/12/12 is 26″ tall: 12″ wide and on a 12″ rim.

Garden Tractor Pull Rules

Stock garden tractors up to 20hp, 1 or 2 cylinders, gas or electric.

All tractors must have a rigid draw bar. Maximum bar height in classes 1-6 will be one inch below rear axle centerline.

Max draw bar height for Big Wheels. classes 7 & 8 will be 12 inches from the ground. Classes 7 &8 Economy tractors
will have a stock hitch that was original equipment or one rebuilt to original specs. NO BOLT ON DRAW BARS BEHIND THE REAR AXLE.

One set of stock garden tractor wheel weights or tires loaded with liquid ballast. NOT both.

Wheel Weights, Classes 1-8

  • 8″ wheels-can be homemade-not to exceed 75 lbs per wheel – 12″ wheels, not to exceed 75 lbs per wheel may be homemade, big wheels-manufactured only – not to exceed 140 lbs per wheel-note: weights may be
    weighted at any time at discretion of an official. They must be removable.
  • Under mounted mowers are allowed. No chains over 10″ long to hold mower deck to tractor. No other attachments. Engine cannot run over 3600 rpm.
  • No cut tires, no tire chains.,dual wheels, 4×4’s, crawlers, steel wheels, pit bulls, cupels, or professional pulling tires.
  • Tractors in classes 7 & 8 MUST be equipped with wheelie bars that are strong enough to support tractor.
    Wheelie bars. They must be strong enough to support tractor. Bars must be made of 2” sq. tubing, 1/8th” thick, or flat stock, 1/4 x 2 1/4 max. Brace 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 1/8th angle. Cross brace must not interfere with hitch or chain. Bars must not extend more than 4” behind the exterior of the tire, no more than 6” from the ground. They must have wheels or pads.
  • Wheelie bars are not mandatory for classes 1 thru 6 but are highly recom- mended for safety. if you have them they must meet the standards listed above.
  • Cub cadets – MUST have a shield to deflect any flying parts to ground in event of a mishap. Shields must be made of 15 gauge steel or 1/8″ aluminum and surround the clutch housing on top and both sides.
  • STOCK SEATS ONLY – No car, trucks, bucket seats or otherwise.
  • Flagrant violators of any rules will to pull-per decision of official

Super Stock Rules, Class 9

  • Garden tractors, up to 20hp. One or two cylinder, four cycle, gasoline engines.
  • Frame cannot be lengthened more than four inches. Hood cannot be raised more than 3″ Tractors must have wheelie bars that are strong enough to sup- port the tractor, must extend 4″ behind the exterior of the tire and will be no more than 6 inches from the ground. See Stock garden tractor rules for requirements.
  • All tractors must have a rigid draw bar. Max height will be 14″. Bars must not extend rearward more than 15” from center of the axle. Rear engine tractors accepted, with rigid bars being as close as possible to the engine.
  • Tractors can run two pair of wheel weights and add up to 300 lbs. of extra weight. All weights must be secured to tractor. No weights allowed on tractor seats or driver. Nothing can protrude more than 20″ in front of the tractor frame. Losing weights while pulling will result in disqualification.
  • Maximum engine rpm must not exceed 4000 rpm’s and may be checked at any time. All tractors must have sufficient shielding of belts, chains, clutches, etc. to deflect any flying parts to the ground.
  • Any type of tire may be used. Tires can be modified. Max size will be 31- 15.50/15. No dual wheels, no tire chains or studs.
  • A tractor that pulls in Super Stock cannot pull in any other class. Tractor may not weigh more than 1700 lbs. with 3 1/15.5×15 tires, and 1800 lbs. with 26×12.5×12 tires.
  • NOTICE: Super Stock tractors will be weighed. There will be a one time fee for the scale to be paid by the puller. Tractors may be rechecked at any later pull at no fee at the discretion of the official.

Stock Farm Tractors

Saturday, registration on time 8 am, pull begins at 10 am

Stock Farm Tractors, 1959 and older:

  • Stock drawbars only. No modifications. a clevis is to be used and cannot be modified.
  • The maximum hitch height is 18 inches. This will be measured from the point of contact that hook on the chain will have with the tractor.
  • Washers may be used to shim the clevis.
  • The clevis must be attached to the drawbar in the normal location.
  • The minimum distance from the centerline of the rear axle to the pin hole where the clevis is attached is 24 inches.
  • Tractors with 2 or 3 point hitch drawbar must have drawbar secured with stabilizer bars or pins.
  • Unusual stock items: The owner of any tractor equipped with unusual or seldom seen parts will be required to bring parts, operators or service manuals to verify to officials that the parts are factory stock.
  • Industrial tractors that cannot meet this requirement must remain stock.


  • Regular or radial tires are legal. NO CUT TIRES.
  • Tractors in the 2500, 3500, 4500 and 5500 pound classes will be limited to a maximum tire width of 15.5 inches.
  • Tractors in the 6500, 7500, pound classes will be limited to a maximum tire width of 16.9 inches.
  • Tractors in the 8500, 9500, 10,500, and 11,500 classes will be limited to maximum tire width of 18.4 inches on row crop style.

Safety Bars

  • All tractors must be equipped with safety bars. The safety bars must be made out of three-inch channel iron or the equivalent.
  • Safety bars must be rigid and stationary and extend 4 inches past the rear tires and 10 inches from the ground.
  • Three-point hitch arms may be used, if bolted stationary into position.
  • All safety bars must be equipped with safety pads on the ends of the bars. Safety pads must be stationary and must not be less than 25 square inches per pad.
  • All tractors must be equipped with safety bars strong enough to support the weight of the tractor when tested by a judge.

Weight of Tractors:

  • Front frame weights are legal. This means any factory cast frame weights bolted in the stock location.
  • Front wheel weights are legal. This means any factory front cast wheel weights bolted securely in the stock location. Two sets maximum at events with no scales. No limit at events with scales.
  • Rear wheel weights are legal. This means any factory cast rear wheel weights bolted securely in the stock location. Three sets maximum at events with no scales. No limit at events with scales.
  • Loaded tires are legal. Either loaded tires or three sets of wheel weights, not both events with no scales. Both loaded tires and any amount of wheel weights at events with scales.

Weight Classes

  • 2500 LBS
  • 3500 LBS
  • 4500 LBS
  • 5500 LBS
  • 6500 LBS
  • 7500 LBS
  • 8500 LBS
  • 9500 LBS
  • 10,500 LBS
  • 11,500 LBS.

General Rules

The officials of events reserve the right to add any additional rules or correct any problems that happen at an event that are not written in the rules.

  • PULL: 20′ is a full pull.
  • HITCHING UP: You may not bring your tractor onto the track until the flagman allows you to do so. No pack the track! You back up once and hook up to the stone boat. No pulling ahead and backing up again and again Tractors must be in neutral and hands off the controls when a man is hooking you on. No jerking of the stone boat allowed. You must tighten the chain before pulling Disengaging and engaging clutch after your pull begins is not allowed.
  • OUT OF BOUNDS: Guide ropes will be placed on the ground at a distance of 14 feet apart. Any part of the tractor touching the guide rope or going over the ropes during the pull will disqualify the pull and the tractor from the event.
  • STONE BOAT: The stone boat will only be centered to track at the officials discretion.
  • WEIGHING IN: all tractors must be weighed in 1 hour prior to the start of the event. Once a tractor is weighed it will be parked in the staging area and not allowed to go back to the pit area.
  • NO RIDERS: No riders on the tractors in any area of the event. Any coaching must be done outside of the out of bounds markers.
  • FLUIDS: Any fluids leaking from tractors in excessive amounts will disqualify the tractor from the event.
  • CLASS WINNERS: A winner of a class can move up to the next class and compete. Only if he/she won his/her class by making a full pull. No weight can be added and no changes can be made to the tractor. Winning tractors maybe reinspected and re-weighed at officials discretion.
  • DRIVERS: the drivers must be 18 years of age or older and maintain good, safe adult behavior at all times. Drivers who do not remain seated while pulling will be automatically disqualified. All drivers are expected to help out on the track crew at some point during the event. Any driver intoxicated or disrespectful will be disqualified.
  • BRAKES: All tractors must have good working brakes.
  • SHEET METAL: Major sheet metal shall be in place and properly attached.
  • NO Fordson tractors allowed. (Because of worm gear drive)
  • Anything that falls off a tractor while on the tract will disqualify the tractor.
  • NO: 4-wheel drive tractors, dual rear wheels, tire chains, half tracks, crawler tractors and no implements on tractors.

2021 Litchfield County Contest

Sponsored by Litchfield County Council of Fairs


Animal Friend Accessory made from Recycled Material


Contest is open to all residents of Connecticut. Prizes will be awarded in two divisions at each fair:

  • Youth (up through 15)
  • Adult (age 16 and over)

Exhibits may be entered at any fair which is a member of the Litchfield County Council of Fairs. Contestants may enter their exhibit in as many fairs as they wish until they win first prize. At that time they will be representing that fair at the Litchfield County Council of Fairs Contest in the fall. If it is found that the contestant has entered and won first prize in more than one Litchfield County Council Fair, they will be disqualified from participating in the Litchfield County Council of Fairs Contest in the Fall of 2021. If for any reason the first place contestant cannot participate in the Fall contest, the second place winner of that fair will be the representative.

First prize winners at each fair in both the Youth and Adult Divisions will be awarded blue rosettes by the Litchfield County Council of Fairs. Please contact the Fair you are representing for information about the dinner, time and place of the Fall meeting.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th-9th
$25.00 $20.00 $15.00 $10.00 $5.00 Rosette


Item must not exceed 18” in any dimension. Must be attached to a rigid backing & include a securely hangable frame. Artwork & frame must consist of at least 90% recycled materials.

Judging Criteria

Attractiveness 30%
Originality 30%
Workmanship 20%
Suitability of Materials 20%
Total 100%

Contact Information

The Riverton Fair is responsible for this year’s contest. Please contact Christine Schmidt at rivertonfair@gmail.com

Department R: Adult Arts and Crafts and Photography

Gary and Linda Rosa, Superintendents – (860) 482-2185

Entry Fee $8.00 must accompany entry form. Passes will be mailed. Payment of the fee in this department will permit purchasers to exhibit in all other departments except Poultry.


  • Entries close September 23rd.
  • All exhibitors must be 18 years and over.
  • Entries may be brought in Thursday night 6–8 pm or 4-5:30 pm Friday. Judging Saturday 10 am.
  • No display may be adjusted by exhibitors after 5:30 pm Friday
  • Exhibits must be picked up 5-6 pm Sunday.
  • Exhibits entered in Department R shall be the work of the exhibitor.
  • No more than two entries in any category will be accepted from a single exhibitor, please list each item separately on entry blank.
  • Names on all work must be covered until judging is complete.
  • Items exhibited must have been completed within the 12 months preceding the Fair. Only original work accepted.
  • CRAFTS must be designed and made by craftsman. Kits and items assembled from commercially manufactured parts are ineligible. Purchased ceramic greenware that has been painted by exhibitor is acceptable.
  • ARTISTS – a copy of another picture is not original, a picture altered by an instructor is not original.
  • Any work not suitable for mounting with thumb tacks must be prepared for hanging with string or similar material on the back by the exhibitor.
  • Collections must fit into no more than 18×18 inches of space, 1 entry per exhibitor.
  • Miscellaneous is only for items not covered by other categories.
  • Best of Show will be awarded a Rosette.



1st 2nd 3rd
$5.00 $4.00 $3.00

Maximum size overall 33” x 28”
Your name on artwork needs to be blocked out prior to entry.
Artwork must be able to be wall mounted.


1. Original Oil Painting
2. Water Color
3. Acrylics
4. Pencil – Color
5. Pencil – Black & White
6. Crayon or Pastel
7. Black and White (charcoal)
8. Pen and Ink
9. Sculpture
10. Decorative Painting on Object



1st 2nd 3rd
$5.00 $4.00 $3.00

All crafts, except wood and wreaths, not to exceed 18”x18”


11. Scrapbook (limit 1 entry per exhibitor)
12. Hand Woven Baskets
13. Dried Materials
14. Pine Cone Article
15. Holiday Article-Autumn Theme & Special Rosette to be awarded
16. Sweatshirt – decorated
17. Jewelry
18. Metal Article
19. Collage
21. Collection (please specify, limit 1 entry per exhibitor)
22. Stenciled Article
23. Wreaths
24. Calligraphy
25. Silk Arrangements
26. Miscellaneous
27. Scarecrow Contest – see pg. 29
28. Decorated Pumpkin – see pg. 29
29. Stained Glass
30. Pottery
32. Birdhouse
33. Ceramics


34. Carving
35. Articles – No Kits
36. Wood Burned Article
37. Wood Turnings


38. Decoration
39. Stocking
40. Wreath


45. Metal Model
46. Wood Model
47. Plastic Model
48. Litchfield County Contest Framed art from recycled material


To win a complimentary Pass to the 2022 Harwinton Fair, enter a suggestion for a theme for our Photography Contest. If yours is chosen – you win a pass. Entries can be placed in the box in Adult Photography – include your name, address, phone number and theme.


  • Prints must be 8” x 10” or 11” x 14”.
  • No more than 2 prints in any category, snapshots – one entry
  • Must be mounted on 16”x 20” standard non-flexible mounts (1/8” to 3/16”), but not framed, any others will not be accepted.
  • Only print titles are permitted on front. Name and address of exhibitor must be put on back along with the category number.
  • Photographs must not have been entered in any previous Harwinton Fair.
  • Prints must be in by 5:30 p.m. Friday.
  • Youths, 17 years and under, may enter only in Youth Dept. -(See page 28)– No. 92 Black and White – No. 93 – Color
  • Categories for Adults (Miscellaneous is only for items not covered by other categories)

Black & White (8×10 or larger)


1st 2nd 3rd
$5.00 $4.00 $3.00


51. Scenery
52. People
53. Animal
54. Misc.

Color (8×10 or larger)


1st 2nd 3rd
$5.00 $4.00 $3.00


56. Animal
57. People
58. Scenery
59. Plant Life
60. Misc.

Snapshots, Color


  • Limit one entry per category
  • Only commercially printed snapshots will be accepted.
  • Snapshots should be no smaller than 2 1/2 inches square and no larger than 4 inches by 6 inches.
  • Snapshots submitted shall be unmounted.


1st 2nd 3rd
$3.00 $2.00 $1.00


64. Animals
65. People
66. Scenery
67. Plant Life
68. Miscellaneous

Photography Contest

72. Photography Contest “Nature’s Ice”


  • Only one entry per exhibitor.
  • Color Photographs only. 5×7, 5×11, 8×10 or 11×14 print mounted on 16×20 mount but not framed.


1st 2nd 3rd
$10.00 $7.00 $5.00

Next Year, 2021 Contest: Clocks
Congratulations to Peggy Uzarski for winning our contest to name the 2020 theme.

Junior Baking Contests

Open to ages 7-15 as of July 1st.

Apple Crumb Muffins

Sponsored by: The Association of Connecticut Fairs, Inc.

Open to Juniors between the ages of seven (7) and fifteen (15) years of age as of July 1st. There will be ONE GROUP for both local and state competition. Please refer to the general RULES OF CONTEST for further information.

Contestants may enter the contest at as many fairs as they wish until they win first prize. They will then represent that fair at the state baking contest.

Fair Secretaries

A First Place Blue Rosette ribbon will be awarded to the winning entry. In the event the First Place Winner will not compete at the State Judging, the Second place winner will be allowed to represent the Fair. The secretary of each Fair MUST contact the winner from that Fair and supply information about the State Contest, or visit www.ctfairs.org for date and location.

State Contest

The state contest is held as part of the Fall Meeting and Convention of the Association of Connecticut Fairs. Entries for the state contest are accepted until 11 am on the day of the contest (contact your local fair or visit www.ctfairs.org for the date and location). Contest winners are announced at the fall convention. Each fair is responsible for contacting their contest winner and provide information about the state contest. The Association of Connecticut Fairs does not contact individual fairs or contest winners in regards to contest and banquet reservations. NO BANQUET RESERVATIONS FOR CONTEST WINNERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR. HARWINTON FAIR WILL PAY FOR THE DINNERS OF WINNERS AND ONE GUEST. ALL ENTRIES TO THE STATE CONTEST BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE ASSOCIATION OF CONNECTICUT FAIRS. ALL DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES ARE FINAL


1st Place $15.00, Rosette
2nd Place $12.50, Rosette
3rd Place $10.00, Rosette
4th Place $7.50, Rosette
5th Place $5.00, Rosette
6th Place $5.00, Rosette
7th Place $5.00, Rosette
8th Place $5.00, Rosette
9th Place $2.50 Rosette
10th Place $2.50 Rosette

Honorable mention Ribbons will also be awarded


  • 1 1/2 cups King Arthur Flour all purpose flour
  • 1 1/8 cups white sugar
  • 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup (8 oz) 100% pure pumpkin
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • 1 small apple (Macintosh) peeled, cored & finely chopped
Crumb Topping
  • 1/8 cup white sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon butter


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Place 12 paper baking cups in a muffin tin
  3. Combine flour, sugar, pumpkin pie spice, baking soda & salt in large bowl
  4. Combine pumpkin, eggs, oil & apple in medium bowl & mix well. Stir into flour mixture just until moistened
  5. Fill baking/muffin cups 3/4 full
  6. Crumb top: combine sugar, flour & cinnamon in medium bowl. Cut in butter with pastry blender or fork until crumbly.
  7. Sprinkle over top of muffins
  8. Bake for 30 minutes or until tested with toothpick & it comes out clean
  9. Cool in pan for 5 minutes, remove to wire racks to cool

Submit 6 muffins on a white paper plate.

Judging Criteria

Overall visual appeal 25 points
Following Directions 10 points
Texture 15 points
Aroma 10 points
Flavor 40 points
Total Score 100 points

Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest

Winner will be presented with the Jamie Kirchner Memorial Trophy
Who may enter? Any youth 6 years or older. Follow the recipe in the book.
The recipe does not need to be included with the entry.

1st 2nd 3rd
$2.00 $1.50 $1.00

All others will receive participant ribbons.

Jamie’s Recipe

  • 1 Cup shortening 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3/4 Cup brown sugar 2 cups flour
  • 3/4 Cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon water
  • 1 – 12 ounce bag Chocolate Chips


Makes 6 dozen.

  1. Preheat oven to 375°.
  2. Mix shortening and brown sugar.
  3. Add granulated sugar and stir.
  4. Add eggs, water and vanilla and beat well.
  5. Add flour, salt and baking soda and beat well.
  6. Stir in chocolate chips.
  7. Drop by teaspoonfuls on cookie sheet.
  8. Bake 12 minutes.
  9. Cool on cooling rack.

Submit 6 on a plate for judging.

Junior Quilt Contest


  • Wall Hanging


  • This contest is open to all residents of Connecticut, aged 7 to 17 at the time of judging
  • All work must be completed by an individual quilt maker.
  • Work can be pieced by hand or by machine but appliqué must be done by hand.
  • Quilts must be either hand or machine quilted, no hand tied quilts.
  • Quilts may not be made from pre-cut quilt kits.
  • Wall hanging quilt perimeter must measure a minimum of 64 inches.
  • Wall hanging quilt must include a sleeve for hanging.
  • Wall hanging can be appliqué, or pieced. It can be hand or machine quilted, but not tied.
  • A quilt can only compete in the Association of Connecticut Fairs Quilt Contest once.


The following prizes will be awarded:

1st 2nd 3rd
$25.00 $15.00 $10.00

Judging Criteria

Overall visual appeal 10 points
Uses of pattern & design 25 points
Effects of Color in Overall Design 10 points
Suitability of Materials 5 points
Border or Edge Treatment 5 points
Precision of work-Top & Back 20 points
Quality of Quilting and/or Needlework 20 points
Binding, Edges & Backing 5 points
Total Score 100 points

Overall visual appeal

• Is clean: no marking, threads, stains, fading, etc.
• Piece is effective

Uses of pattern & design

• Has unity, rhythm, & balance; proportional to quilt size; Quilting design complements pattern
• Originality

Effects of Color in Overall Design

• Compatible colors, values, & contrasts
• Balance & movement of colors

Suitability of Materials

• Scale of fabric designs appropriate to quilt size
• Thread color match or blend with fabrics
• Backing coordinates with quilt top

Border or Edge Treatment

• Proportional to quilt size; Complements quilt design
• Provides an effective frame
• Size consistent overall

Precision of work-Top & Back

• Precise points, corners, curves, angles
• Precise intersections; Secure stitches

Quality of Quilting and/or Needlework

• Amount of quilting; balanced, appropriate for the space; Stitches even, straight, penetrates all quilt layers; Balanced tension, knots & traveling stitches are hidden

Binding, Edges & Backing

• Batting fills binding evenly, width consistent & smooth; Corners identical
• Binding proportional to size of the quilt
• Backing is free of unsightly stitches or marks

Department P: Youth in Action

Nicolle Hill, Superintendent – (860) 617-9441
Chris Slate, other questions – (860) 489-5415


  • Limited to those aged 17 years old and younger.
  • 12 years and younger, no entry fee, 13 thru 17 years, $8.00 (must accompany entry form). Passes will be mailed.
  • Entries close September 23rd.
  • Payment of the fee in this department will permit purchasers to exhibit in all other departments except Poultry.
  • Exhibitors in this department use regular entry form indicating “age” in space provided thereon. Exhibitors must attach entry tag to each item entered.
  • Exhibitors may bring articles Thursday 6-8 pm or Friday 4-5:30 pm. We encourage Bakery items to not come before Friday, so it will be fresh for judging.
  • Articles made prior to October 15, 2020 will not be accepted or judged. Absolutely no entry tags will be given out after 5:30 pm Friday.
  • Judging will start at Saturday 10 am, pick up Sunday 5-6 pm.
  • Bakery items should be in plastic bags, preferably ziplock.
  • Flower, Vegetable and Egg exhibits must be owned, grown, cared for and selected by the exhibitor.
  • The Fair is not responsible for any item(s) left after 6 pm Sunday.
  • Exhibit at your own risk.

First Prize Trophy and Second Prize Rosette Ribbon awarded for:

  • Best Craft
  • Best in Bakery
  • Best Art
  • Best in Flowers
  • Best Collection
  • Best Needlework
  • Best Decorated Pumpkin, natural material
  • Best Decorated Pumpkin, man-made materials
  • Best in Vegetables
  • Best Pumpkin
  • Best Photography
  • Best Decorated Cake/Cupcake
  • Best Lego

Exhibits will be judged on quality of work, prizes as follows. These groups will be

  • Blue ribbon, article must be practically perfect. $2.00
  • Red Ribbon, a slight variation from perfect. $1.50
  • White Ribbon, honorable mention. $1.00.


Unless noted otherwise below, no exhibitor may enter more than one article in any one class. Exhibitors positively will not be allowed to talk to or interfere in any way with judge or committee while exhibits are being judged.

Clothing and Needlework

1. Dress
2. Shirt/Top
3. Vest
4. Pants
5. Clothing, miscellaneous
6. Skirt
7. Pot Holder
8. Embroidered Article
9. Knitted Article
10. Afghan
11. Purse/Tote
12. Weaving
13. Crocheting
14. Hooking or Latch Hook Article
15. Scarf
16. Needlepoint
17. Decorated T-Shirt/Sweatshirt
18. Cross Stitch
19. Doll Clothes
20. Miscellaneous Needlework
21. Stuffed Toy
22. Stuffed Pillow
23. Quilted Item
24. Duct Tape Article


25. Junior Quilt Contest
26. Litchfield County Contest
27. Crafty Kids Contest

1st 2nd 3rd
$4.00 $3.00 $2.00

(All other entries – Ribbon)

28. Scare Crow contest youth (see rules on page 28)
29. Decorated Pumpkin (real pumpkin) man-made material
30. Decorated Pumpkin (real pumpkin) natural material or carved


Must be accompanied by recipe in order to be judged. No commercial mixes. Recipe must be attached to entry.

31. Different Squares-6
32. Brownies-6
33. Chocolate Chip Cookies-6
34. Peanut butter Cookies-6
35. Snickerdoodles-6
36. Oatmeal Cookies-6
37. Cookies, Other-6
38. Blueberry Muffins-6
39. Muffins, Other-6
40. Baking Powder Biscuits-6
41. White Bread
42. Zucchini Bread
43. Pumpkin Bread
44. Datenut Bread
45. Banana Bread
46. Bread, Other
47. Yeast Rolls
48. Chocolate Cake
49. Layer Cake
50. Carrot Cake
51. Cakes, Other
52. Gingerbread
53. Cupcakes-6
54. Apple Pie
55. Pie, Other
56. Peanut butter Fudge
57. Walnut Fudge
58. Plain Fudge
59. Candy, Other
60. Decorated Cupcakes-6 (no recipe needed)
61. Decorated Cake (no recipe needed)
62. Contest – Pumpkin Apple Crumb Muffins
63. Contest – Chocolate Chip Cookies

1st 2nd 3rd
$3.00 $2.00 $1.50


Due to the U.S.D.A. revisions, the use of paraffin for sealing jams, jellies, conserves, marmalades and preserves made at home is no longer recommended, these products should be processed in boiling hot water bath for 5 minutes.
THEREFORE, entries sealed with paraffin will not be accepted for judging and will automatically be disqualified.
Exhibitors allowed only one entry in each Canning Class. 1/2 PINT, PINT or QUART 1 Jar

64. Applesauce
65. Fruit, other
66. Tomatoes
67. Tomato Sauce
68. Vegetables, other
69. 1 jar Sweet Pickles
70. 1 jar pickles, other
71. 1 jar relish
72. 1 jar jelly
73. 1 jar jam
74. Jar Maple Syrup
75. Jar Honey


Entry blank must show articles entered in the following class. All collections must be preassembled and fit in 3’x2’x3’ space or less. Please bring in on Friday evening.

Superintendent has right to reject entries not following rules of size. Weapon collections not allowed for safety purposes.

76. Describe Collection


List twice on entry blank when category allows entering 2.

94. Color Snapshots of Landscapes – 1 entry per exhibitor – no smaller than 2 1/2”, no larger than 4”x6” – unmounted.
95. Color Snapshots – 1 entry per exhibitor – no smaller than 2 1/2”, no larger than 4”x6” – unmounted
96. Color Snapshot – Theme “Family Photos”
97. Color Snapshot – Theme “Sunset Views”

Artwork and Crafts

Only articles listed below will be accepted for exhibit. All exhibits must be made and owned by exhibitor.
All art and craft projects must be totally dry or they will not be accepted. No Framed Artwork, but may be matted. List twice on entry blank, if entering two.

Names on paintings and drawings must remain covered until judging is completed. Any work not suitable for mounting with thumb tacks must be prepared for hanging with string or similar material on the back by the exhibitor. Traced, outlined or numbered paintings and drawings will not be accepted.

99. Posters
100. Collages
101. Finger Painting
102. Computer Art
103. Oil/Acrylic Painting – 2 may be entered, list twice for 2
104. Pastels & Crayons – 2 may be entered, list twice for 2
105. Water Color – 2 may be entered, list twice for 2
106. Hand Drawings – 2 may be entered, list twice for 2
107. Basket Craft
108. Papier Maché Craft
109. Model Original
110. Model Kits, must fit in 1’x1’ x 10” space
111. Toys, handmade – not stuffed
130. Leather Craft
131. Plastic Craft
132. Paper Craft
133. Wood Craft
134. Shell Craft
135. Bird House
136. Wreath
144. Stained Glass
145. Ceramics, Fired
147. Christmas Decorations
148. Bead Craft
149. Miscellaneous Crafts (please specify)
150. Candles
151. Jewelry
152. Stone Painting
153. Felt Art
154. Sand Art
155. Clay Product
156. Holiday Decoration (not Christmas)
157. Copper Plating
158. Article made from recycled material
159. Photo Scrapbook
160. Lego, Kit
161. Lego, original design, must fit in 18”x18” space


163. House plant
164. African Violet
165. Fresh flower arrangement using garden flowers
166. Fresh flower arrangement, other
167. Edible Plants, Best Collection
168. Best Collection of Flowers from your garden
169. Best Collection of Wild Flowers
170. Terrariums
171. Cactus
172. Dried Flower Arrangement
173. 3 Flowers – one variety from your garden
174. Corsage – Fresh Flower
175. Edible Plant – 1 variety
176. Fresh Flower Arrangement, Theme: Pretty in Pink
177. Teacup Arrangement

Vegetables & Fruit

178. Peppers, red (5)
179. Peppers, green (5)
180. Beans, green (10 pods)
181. Beans, yellow (10 pods)
182. Beets (5)
183. Broccoli
184. Carrots, long (5) Tails on, Tops Off
185. Carrots, short (5) Tails on, Tops Off
186. Cabbage (1 head)
187. Celery (1 plant)
188. Pickling Cucumbers (3)
189. Slicing Cucumbers (3)
190. Sweet Corn (3)
191. Ornamental Corn (3)
192. Eggplant (1)
193. Collection of Gourds
194. Muskmelon
195. Onions, yellow (5)
196. Onions, white (5)
197. Potatoes (5)
198. Parsley
199. Pumpkin (1)
200. Largest Pumpkin (1) – must be on a tarp for lifting and moving.
202. New England Pie Pumpkin (1)
203. Spinach (1/2 lb.)
204. Swiss Chard (not over 24” long)
205. Squash, Butternut (1)
206. Squash, Acorn (1)
207. Squash, Summer, yellow (1)
208. Squash, Summer Italian, Green (1)
209. Squash, Hubbard (1)
210. Squash, spaghetti (1)
211. Sunflower (1)
212. Turnips (5)
213. Tomatoes (5)
214. Tomatoes, Cherry (5)
215. Tomatoes, Plum (5)
216. Walnuts or Hickory Nuts (1 qt.)
217. Watermelon (1)
218. Miscellaneous
219. Apples(5)


225. 1 Dozen Hen Eggs
226. 1 Dozen, Duck Eggs
227. Other

Adult Decorated Pumpkin Contest

Any material, man-made or natural. All may enter. A real fun contest!
Enter on under department R, number 28.


1st 2nd 3rd
$6.00 $5.00 $4.00

Entry must be a real pumpkin (not artificial)

Scarecrow Contest

Old-fashioned to outrageous, friendly to frightening, plain to creative. Maximum size 6 feet and must be free standing. Must be completely assembled and in place by 8 pm Thursday, October 3rd.

Enter under Dept. P, No. 28.
Youth exhibits must be made by the youth exhibitor.


Originality and creativity


Class 1st 2nd 3rd
Youth 4 to 8 yrs. indicate age $15.00 $10.00 $5.00
Youth 9 to 15 yrs. indicate age $15.00 $10.00 $5.00
Adult 16 or over $20.00 $15.00 $10.00