The 166th Harwinton Fair will be held Friday through Sunday October 6th, 7th and 8th 2023, at 150 Locust Road in Harwinton, Connecticut.

Entries may be delivered Thursday 6-8 pm or Friday by 4 pm. Exhibitors must have their articles on display positively no later than 4 pm Friday in order to be judged. Exhibits must be removed Sunday 5–6 pm.

No dogs or pets will be allowed on the Fairgrounds.

The Society will not refund any paid admissions. In the departments of the Harwinton Fair where it is indicated, exhibitors will be required to purchase an exhibitor’s ticket for $10.00 and include it with their entry blank. One ticket shall enable them to exhibit in all departments except Poultry. An exhibitor’s ticket shall entitle one exhibitor Free admission to the Fair. Exhibitors Tickets of $10.00 are not required for junior exhibitors, 12 years or younger. Please make checks payable to Harwinton Agricultural Society.

Entry tags and passes will not be mailed, they may be picked up on Wednesday 6-8 pm at the Fairground Secretary’s Office. This is for tags and passes only, positively no dropping off of entries. Otherwise entry tags and passes may be picked up Thursday 6-8 pm, or Friday by 4 pm, when dropping off entries.

All stock or articles competing for premiums must be entered by the secretary in their respective classes with name of exhibitors. Names must not be shown on exhibits until judging is completed.

Exhibitors must forward a list of their exhibits to the Secretary before September 27th. The Secretary may refuse any entry that is not in the best interest of the Fair. Oxen may be entered Saturday morning and Draft horses Sunday morning.

Any evidence of contagious or infectious diseases will result in animals being rejected for entrance.

Waiver And Indemnity Agreement

As a condition of entry in the Harwinton Fair, you hereby waive any claim for damages to your person or property which may arise against the Harwinton Agricultural Society or Harwinton Fair as a result of your participation, your agent or employees or any livestock owned or entered by you; and you further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Harwinton Agricultural Society or Harwinton Fair against all claims, demands, suits and expenses arising out of an injury to any person or damage to any property caused by your livestock, personal property, agents, employees, members of your family or yourself.

Important Notice

All animals must be in compliance with the 2023 Connecticut Fair and Show Requirements