Antique Tractor Show

Connor Lamson, Superintendant – (860) 806-8638
Pre-registration, by telephone, would be appreciated.

Please refer to the Exhibitors page for general rules and information.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Participants must have tractors in display area before Friday 3 pm.

Farm tractors only, no garden tractors. Tractors or equipment must be model year 1970 or before. Tractors cannot be removed until Sunday 5 pm. Tractors cannot be started once in place.

Antique farm machinery, such as doodlebugs and hit and miss engines, will be allowed. Judging will be on tractors only.

People’s Choice Awards will be presented Sunday 3 pm, followed by a parade through the Fairgrounds.

Trophies for Director’s Choice and 1st thru 6th place.

Director’s Choice:

  • In memory of Ernie and Virginia Schultz, donated by the Bigos family.

First place trophy:

  • Ernie and Virginia Schultz Memorial Trophy, donated by their loving family.

Other trophies donated by:

  • Bruce Richard
  • Greg and Christine Plaskett
  • The Adkins Family
  • The Deleppo Family