Association of Connecticut Fairs 2021 Adult Baking Contest: Plimoth Thirded Bread

Contest Rules

1. Each pie must be a 9” (measured at the top inside edge of the dish) Two Crusted Pie, lattice-top is excluded.
2. Submit a 3” x 5” card with your recipe, your name and address.
3. No pre-made or pie mixes will be allowed.
4. The main ingredient must be apples. However, pies may include other fruits or ingredients.
5. Failure to adhere to these rules will disqualify the entered pie from the competition.
6. All pies become the property of the Association of Connecticut Fairs (baking dishes will not be returned).

Judging Criteria

Overall visual appeal 40 points
Crust 10 points
Flavor 40 points
Texture 10 points
Total Score 100 points


The following prizes plus a rosette will be awarded at the annual state contest held in October/November. Honorable Mention Ribbons will also be awarded.

1st Place $40.00
2nd Place $35.00
3rd Place $30.00
4th Place $25.00
5th Place $15.00
6th Place $12.50
7th Place $10.00
8th Place $7.50
9th Place $5.00
10th Place $5.00

Bishops Orchards is sponsoring by awarding bags of apples at the Annual State Contest held in October/November.

King Arthur Flour is sponsoring ribbons and prizes at the Annual State Contest in October/November.

The Mayflower Society will award $100 to the First Place Winner at the Annual State Contest held in October/November.