Junior Quilt Contest


  • Wall Hanging


  • This contest is open to all residents of Connecticut, aged 7 to 17 at the time of judging
  • All work must be completed by an individual quilt maker.
  • Work can be pieced by hand or by machine but appliqué must be done by hand.
  • Quilts must be either hand or machine quilted, no hand tied quilts.
  • Quilts may not be made from pre-cut quilt kits.
  • Wall hanging quilt perimeter must measure a minimum of 64 inches.
  • Wall hanging quilt must include a sleeve for hanging.
  • Wall hanging can be appliqué, or pieced. It can be hand or machine quilted, but not tied.
  • A quilt can only compete in the Association of Connecticut Fairs Quilt Contest once.


The following prizes will be awarded:

1st 2nd 3rd
$25.00 $15.00 $10.00

Judging Criteria

Overall visual appeal 10 points
Uses of pattern & design 25 points
Effects of Color in Overall Design 10 points
Suitability of Materials 5 points
Border or Edge Treatment 5 points
Precision of work-Top & Back 20 points
Quality of Quilting and/or Needlework 20 points
Binding, Edges & Backing 5 points
Total Score 100 points

Overall visual appeal

• Is clean: no marking, threads, stains, fading, etc.
• Piece is effective

Uses of pattern & design

• Has unity, rhythm, & balance; proportional to quilt size; Quilting design complements pattern
• Originality

Effects of Color in Overall Design

• Compatible colors, values, & contrasts
• Balance & movement of colors

Suitability of Materials

• Scale of fabric designs appropriate to quilt size
• Thread color match or blend with fabrics
• Backing coordinates with quilt top

Border or Edge Treatment

• Proportional to quilt size; Complements quilt design
• Provides an effective frame
• Size consistent overall

Precision of work-Top & Back

• Precise points, corners, curves, angles
• Precise intersections; Secure stitches

Quality of Quilting and/or Needlework

• Amount of quilting; balanced, appropriate for the space; Stitches even, straight, penetrates all quilt layers; Balanced tension, knots & traveling stitches are hidden

Binding, Edges & Backing

• Batting fills binding evenly, width consistent & smooth; Corners identical
• Binding proportional to size of the quilt
• Backing is free of unsightly stitches or marks