Rules Governing Drawing of Horses and Oxen

Contestants and their helpers participating in contests must carry their own liability insurance. Only one driver and two helpers for each team will be admitted free.

The Fair will not be responsible for any damage done to persons, animals, automobiles or property.

  1. Please refer to the Exhibitors page for general rules and information.
  2. The Superintendent and Judges shall be responsible for the enforcement of all rules. They shall have full jurisdiction as well as plenary power to decide all questions arising in connection with the contest and the enforcement of the rules and regulations governing the same. They shall determine the winners and shall award the prizes in accordance with the rules. They shall have the right to disqualify any driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any team that is in an unfit condition. Failure to comply promptly with the direction of the Judges and Superintendent shall result in immediate disqualification of a contestant.
  3. Connecticut Ox Owners and Drives Association Rules will govern the Ox Drawing Contest.
  4. Eastern Draft Horse Association Rules will govern the Draft Horse Contest.
  5. All horses exhibited must have certificate of vaccination against equine encephalomylitis.
  6. Any offensive language toward the Superintendent or Judges, before, during or after any drawing contest, will disqualify the contestant, and cause them to  forfeit any premiums due.
  7. Interference or harassment of a State Livestock Inspector will result in forfeiture of premium monies and/or expulsion from the Fairgrounds.
  8. Drug Testing Horse/Oxen Pulling: The Harwinton Agricultural Society, sponsor of the Harwinton Fair, retains the right to test any and all pulling animals. Anyone refusing testing will be eliminated from competition. If a team tests positive, all winnings will be forfeited and the owner and team will not be allowed to pull for 2 years at the Harwinton Fair.
  9. Oxen: A whip or wooden stick only and no hitting on the face.