Stock Garden Tractor Pull

Friday. Registration starts at 5 pm, pull begins at 5:30 pm. For more information call John Bigos at (860) 601-0098 .

Held in the tractor pull area at the South end of the Fairgrounds.

Please refer to the Exhibitors page for general rules and information.


Class 1. Stock. Kids 6-10 years old. Up to 12HP with 23/10.5/12 or smaller tires
Class 2. Stock. Kids 11-14 years old. up to 12HP with 23/10.5/12 or smaller tires.
Class 3. Stock. Kids 6-14 years old. up to 14-20HP with 26/12/12 or smaller tires.
Class 3G. Gravely-Kids 6-14 years old and up with 26/12/12 or smaller tires.
Class 4. Stock. Adult. 15 years and older. up to 11HP with 23/10.5/12 or smaller tires.
Class 5. Stock. Adult. 15 years and older. 12-16HP with 23/10.5/12 or smaller tires.
Class 6. Stock. Adult. 15 years and older. 17-20HP with 26/12/12 or smaller tires.
Class 6G. Gravely-Adult. 15 years or older with 26/12/12 or smaller tires.
Class 7. Stock Big Wheels. Kids 6-14 years old. up to 20HP 16-24 inch tires. No tires larger than 8.3×24 or 9.5.
Class 8. Stock Big Wheels. Adult, 15 years and older, up to 20HP 16-24 inch tires. none larger than 8.3×24 or 9.5.
Class 9. Super Stock, Adult, 15 years and older.

General Rules, All classes

  • A Full pull will be 8 feet. If your 1st pull is less than 2 feet you will have the option to try again. NOTE: some pulls may not allow this.
  • Boundary lines will be 10 feet apart. If tractor or stone boat hits the boundary lines, the driver and tractor will be disqualified.
  • No jerking stone boat. You must tighten the chain before pulling.
  • Drivers must remain seated. No bouncing allowed. Drivers must keep one hand on steering wheel at all times while pulling.
  • Only one person per tractor per class. (Adults) Two kids from immediate family per tractor.
  • Kids 6-14 years must be able to safely operate the tractor to the satisfaction of our officials. Kids must also have an adult coach at all times. Coaches must remain outside the boundary lines at time of pull.
  • Officials will class and check all the tractors. Their judgment is final.
  • No horseplay or alcoholic beverages allowed. No passengers on tractor.
  • No cheating:
    • Cheat once: warning.
    • Cheat twice: miss two pulls.
    • Cheat 3 times: kids out for the season, adults out permanently.
  • All tractors must have clevis or hole in draw bar large enough to accept hook from stone boat. Hole must be at least 2″ diameter.
  • Class winners will be allowed to move up to next class. They will compete for fun only, not for ribbons.
  • Pulling committee and officials reserve the right to add any additional rules or correct any problems that happen at a pull.

The age of the puller on May 1st will determine the class they will pull for the entire season.

There are a few tractors with factory stock 15″ rims. These will be classed on an individual basis.

A 23/10.5/12 tire is 23″ tall, 10.5″ wide and on a 12″ rim.

A 26/12/12 is 26″ tall, 12″ wide and on a 12″ rim.

Garden Tractor Pull Rules

Stock garden tractors up to 20hp, 1 or 2 cylinders, gas or electric.

All tractors must have a rigid draw bar. Maximum bar height in classes 1-6 will be one inch below rear axle centerline.

Max draw bar height for Big Wheels. classes 7 & 8 will be 12 inches from the ground. Classes 7 &8 Economy tractors will have a stock hitch that was original equipment or one rebuilt to original specs. No bolt on draw bars behind the rear axle.

One set of stock garden tractor wheel weights, or tires loaded with liquid ballast, not both.

Wheel Weights, Classes 1-8

  • 8″ and 12″ wheels may be homemade and should not to exceed 75 lbs. per wheel.
  • Big wheels must be manufactured only and not to exceed 140 lbs. per wheel.
  • Weights may be weighted at any time at discretion of an official. They must be removable.
  • Under mounted mowers are allowed. No chains over 10″ long to hold mower deck to tractor. No other attachments. Engine cannot run over 3,600 rpm.
  • No cut tires, no tire chains, dual wheels, 4×4’s, crawlers, steel wheels, pit bulls, cupels, or professional pulling tires.
  • Tractors in classes 7 & 8 must be equipped with wheelie bars that are strong enough to support tractor.
    Wheelie bars must be strong enough to support tractor. Bars must be made of 2” square tubing, 1/8” thick, or flat stock, 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ max. Brace 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ x 1/8″ angle. Cross brace must not interfere with hitch or chain. Bars must not extend more than 4” behind the exterior of the tire, no more than 6” from the ground. They must have wheels or pads.
  • Wheelie bars are not mandatory for classes 1 thru 6 but are highly recommended for safety. If you have them they must meet the standards listed above.
  • Cub cadets must have a shield to deflect any flying parts to ground in event of a mishap. Shields must be made of 15 gauge steel or 1/8″ aluminum and surround the clutch housing on top and both sides.
  • Stock seats only. No car, trucks, bucket seats or otherwise.
  • Flagrant violators of any rules will not be allowed to pull, per decision of official.

Super Stock Rules, Class 9

  • Garden tractors, up to 20hp. One or two cylinder, four cycle, gasoline engines.
  • Frame cannot be lengthened more than 4″. Hood cannot be raised more than 3″. Tractors must have wheelie bars that are strong enough to support the tractor, must extend 4″ behind the exterior of the tire and will be no more than 6″ from the ground. See Stock garden tractor rules for requirements.
  • All tractors must have a rigid draw bar. Max height will be 14″. Bars must not extend rearward more than 15” from center of the axle. Rear engine tractors accepted, with rigid bars being as close as possible to the engine.
  • Tractors can run two pair of wheel weights and add up to 300 lbs. of extra weight. All weights must be secured to tractor. No weights allowed on tractor seats or driver. Nothing can protrude more than 20″ in front of the tractor frame. Losing weights while pulling will result in disqualification.
  • Maximum engine rpm must not exceed 4,000 and may be checked at any time. All tractors must have sufficient shielding of belts, chains, clutches, etc. to deflect any flying parts to the ground.
  • Any type of tire may be used. Tires can be modified. Max size will be 31-15.50/15. No dual wheels, no tire chains or studs.
  • A tractor that pulls in Super Stock cannot pull in any other class. Tractor may not weigh more than 1700 lbs. with 3 1/15.5×15 tires, and 1800 lbs. with 26×12.5×12 tires.
  • Super Stock tractors will be weighed. There will be a one time fee for the scale to be paid by the puller. Tractors may be rechecked at any later pull at no fee at the discretion of the official.