Suggestions for Fair Exhibitors

Carefully read the published rules, follow the premium list exactly and be sure to send entry form(s) to the designated person(s) prior to deadline. Please refer to the Exhibitors page for general rules and information.

Below are some of the things that the judges are look for.

Vegetables and Fruits

Exact number of specimens as called for in the premium list. Uniformity – each specimen like every other in size, shape and color. Quality – not too large, not too small, fine texture, etc. Free of blemishes – no cuts, bruises, insect injury or disease. Cleanliness – product washed or wiped as one would prepare for market. Stems are preferred on most fruits and vegetables.

Canned Goods

Open kettle or hot water bath for fruits and tomato, pressure for vegetables. Products should be of the best quality, uniform in size, and of good color. The liquid should be clear, free from sediment and proper amount in jar. The containers should be uniform, properly sealed and labeled and clean.


Clear, of good color and consistency. The containers should be uniform, clean and labeled. No paraffin.


Good color and consistency and properly sealed. The containers should be uniform, clean and labeled. No Paraffin.

Baked Food

Use plastic bags to wrap baked goods, preferably zip-lock. No commercial mixes. Attractive, good color, texture and flavor.

Clothing and Needlework

Condition of article, suitability, construction and workmanship, design, color originality and ease of care. Underside of article is also judged. Articles must be owned and made by the exhibitor within 12 months immediately preceding the Fair.


Check entry requirements carefully. A flower is one flower on a stem, a stem may have more than one flower & leaves. Check for brown spots & signs of wilting. Carefully check the measurements on miniature arrangements.